What's New 2003

December 20th, 2003

A new character in the People Gallery—please see here.

December 14th, 2003

A new picture of Shanghai at night here—this time, from one of the nightlife spots of the city, the famous Hengshan Road. Looking at the picture, though, it could as well be anywhere in the West...

December 7th, 2003

At long last, my review of the AF Nikkor 28mm f/2.8D lens has been posted.

December 3rd, 2003

A tiny bit of creativity on my part? In March 1999 it occurred to me to try to apply to photography what Rachmaninov used in music in his choral symphony, The Bells, to express his philosophy of life. Ever since then, the idea remained at the back of my mind; recently, however, as I added a couple of new pictures into the Other Gallery and rearranged the Gallery into what I perceived of as a more meaningful sequence, I realized that now it actually presents a remote approximation to what I have been intending to create. The subconscious is a very powerful thing! I will continue working (and sleeping) on this to gradually turn the remote approximation into exact expression.

November 22nd, 2003

I have temporarily posted eight recent photographs to the Web site—you can see them starting from here. You will probably note that in the last couple of weeks I have been to very different and remote places! Please let me know if you think that any of the photographs are worth keeping on the Web site permanently and I then will move them (if any) to where they belong. Looking forward to hearing from you, cheers!

P.S. (December 3rd, 2003) The best of the new pictures have been moved to the suitable Galleries (the link above is no longer available). Thank you very much for your feedback!

October 20th, 2003

Notes on Nikon F100 have been updated (the part about the camera's mirror slap effect).

October 13th, 2003

I wrote a few notes on the Nikon F100—I think that those who use it will find the part regarding the camera's mirror slap quite interesting.

October 8th, 2003

I thought I was finished with The Summer Palace Gallery—and was wrong. See a new picture here!

September 29th, 2003

A new photograph in Beijing Gallery—"The Great Helmsman".

September 19th, 2003

NEW PHOTO!!! Love spiders? Check one out here (Gallery, Other)!

Also, thumbnail pages have been added to the rest of the Gallery—enjoy!

September 18th, 2003

All the photographs of Putuo Mountain have been moved to a separate section (with the same name) of the main Gallery and a thumbnail page has been added to them. It took some thinking on my part to actually decide where to place them—and I decided to put the pictures here until later (when and if I go to other places with the purpose of taking pictures).

September 16th, 2003

I have added this page to have enough space and specifically write about updates on this Web site. Apart from this, I have added thumbnails in three Galleries—"The Summer Palace", "Beijing & Around" and "Shanghai & Around". Now you can easily find any photograph you saw there before! In the nearest future I will add thumbnails to the rest of the Gallery. Cheers!

September 6th, 2003

Have a look at 17 photographs from a recent trip to Putuo Mountain here!

August 24th, 2003

Check out the great blue colour here and here.